Anyone can write professional marketing copies that sell.

Create perfect texts that convince your target group in just a few seconds with the leading platform for text optimization and generation.
More sales. Less work.
Optimize your conversion rate

Optimize your conversion rate

Thanks to active addressing of the user's perspective, emotional words, simple sentences and much more, your texts become high-quality marketing copies.

Save up to 90 % time on texting

Save up to 90 % time on texting

With the help of AI text generation, you receive a variety of text suggestions and inspiration in just a few seconds. Texting has never been this easy.

Improve your SEO visibility

Improve your SEO visibility

We make sure that your keywords are naturally interwoven with the text, ensuring the visibility of your products.

Features & Benefits


Optimize your texts
with our pro tips

Text optimization
Our unique text optimization module was developed based on the results of countless A/B tests in the ecommerce sector.

Benefit from our extraordinary know-how in the field of CRO. Optimize your existing marketing copies with our pro tips regarding readability, your target group, conversion rate and many other factors.

Create converting texts
within seconds

Text generation
Our fine tuned AI automatically creates unique and professional marketing copies that sell, using just a few keywords.

The special part about it? The texts are created based on a language model that has been trained with over millions of texts. Our AI analyzes your existing texts and thus provides you with text suggestions tailored to you for a wide variety of use cases.

Full integration
of your shops

Through the connection to Shopify, Shopware or Google Analytics, you have all key figures at a glance. Easily identify the greatest uplift potential of your existing copies.

When you link your website or shops, our AI adapts to your writing style and provides you with even better text suggestions.

Thanks to our unique API connection, you have the ability to create thousands of marketing copies in a completely automated way within a very short time.
Shopify IntegrationShopware Integration - Coming soon!Google Analytics Integration

How can Conversion Maker AI support you?

Choose the right feature for your use case from different text types.

Product descriptions

Create expressive product descriptions for your online shop and marketplaces that will increase your sales.

Blog Posts

Save time and let our AI create your blog posts - including a convincing headline.

Emails & Newsletter

Put an end to unread emails. Quickly write emails and newsletters with compelling subject lines and preheaders that get readers to open them.

Social Media Posts

Create engaging posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Co that get your followers to interact.


Create unique product descriptions for your marketplaces like Amazon, OTTO, eBay or Zalando and increase your sales.

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Find the right wording and rewrite your texts fast and easy without changing the content.

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Summarize your text easily in keywords without losing any content.

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Create compelling CTAs that get more visitors to convert.

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Get the full power of texting!

Ideal for shop owners, copywriters, agencies and many more.
  • Create conversion-optimized marketing texts in under three minutes
  • Combine completely freely from numerous text suggestions
  • Optimize your texts easily with our analysis tool
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  • Create conversion-optimized marketing copies in under three minutes
  • Get inspired by numerous text suggestions
  • Optimize your texts easily with our analysis tool

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